Lake Erie Millennium Network

Summary of the Meeting Findings

The 2013 meeting will summarize the most current knowledge of recent changes occurring in Lake Erie and its tributaries. Presentations will review our understanding of the factors influencing Lake Erie’s ecosystem. Platform sessions will highlight recent biological, environmental and policy trends relating to trophic status, nutrient loading, reporting and management strategies, ecological forecasting, integrated habitat assessment, restoration strategies, and new pressures on the ecosystem. Opportunities for planning and participating in collaborative research for the 2014 “Lake Erie Intensive Monitoring Year” will be discussed. These topics will form the focus for open discussion of ways to integrate binational research with management and public needs on the major issues affecting Lake Erie.

Meeting goals will be to a) exchange information; b) generate plans for studying/implementing solutions; and, c) build on our initiative to implement binational research strategies to ensure co-ordinated collection and dissemination of data to address the continuing research and management needs.

LEMN 2013 Presentation Slides

Below is a list of the themes and presentations made at the 2013 LEMN meeting. You can click on the title link of each presentation to download a PDF version of slides that accompanied the talk.