Lake Erie Millennium Network

Organizing Groups and Sponsors of the Network


Because we wish this to be a truly binational and collaborative project, LEMN is coordinated by 4 co-conveners (i.e., research institutions whose members actively interact and collaborate with the broader Lake Erie community of researchers, managers, and public groups).

The co-conveners are responsible for the concept, organizational details and logistics of the Millennium Plan and are the 4 nodes of the binational Lake Erie Millennium Network.


Funding for activities is solicited from organizations who have a responsibility or mandate related to the status of Lake Erie. Agencies who have elected to formally participate and contribute financial support are designated and acknowledged as sponsors. Sponsors' input and attendance at events are invited. The participation of sponsors' representatives at workshops is fundamental to identifying management and research issues that guide the direction of later phases of the LEMN.

Sponsors receive copies of all proceedings and other documents arising from the venture. Sponsors' support is explicitly acknowledged in the text of workshop/conference programs and publications. Sponsors are also invited to present displays during conferences.

There are currently 20 organizations sponsoring LEMN:



Collaborating agencies are organizations who are active participants in the planning, information transfer, or research aspects of the Millennium project. Collaborators provide in kind and/or technical support that further the goals of LEMN.

There are 16 groups of official collaborators: